The factual persecution of Germany´s only real opposition party (the AfD) by the government and its media and agencies is being closely observed abroad. Now even a radio channel in New Zealand has interviewed me on what is happening in German politics and society: Good talk with Paul Brennan´s breakfast radio show “Reality check” which is pretty famous down under. “Peter Boehringer: Vice Chairman & Finance Spokesperson of Germany´s AfD Party: On Rising Popularity and Challenging the Political Establishment” / Paul Brennan´s “Reality Check” Podcast, Sep 13, 2023 Auckland, New Zealand Mehr von Peter Boehringer hier: ✅ PBoehringer ► ✅ Facebook ► ✅ Telegram ► ✅ Twitter ► ✅ Odysee ► ✅ rumble ► ✅ GETTR ► ✅ Instagram ► ✅ YouTube ►
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Kanal des Bundestagsabgeordneten Peter Boehringer