Vax up, baby Don't put up a fight All the things you could do Like work and get by How nonessential you can be You don't wanna see I guarantee, we'll make you break Boost up with me now And forget all about The pressure it takes So you'll do what we say And we'll make you ok And drive them away The principles stuck in your head The people you've been before That we don't want around anymore That push ans shove and won't bend to our will We'll keep them still Boost up, baby Look at the stars Theyll piss on your grave If we let you starve Countless cases this week All thanks to the three Percent of you scum that won't yield Boost up one more time And I'll make you mine Or keep you apart Locked out of wallmart Seperate from the rest That is chipped, tagged and vaxxed Your children we'll make just like them Into people you never thought That we could bastardize out of them all Into croocked shells that don't have their own will We'll keep them still Mein Gettr-Link: Mein neuer Gettr: Mein DVA-Telegram: Der Honigwaben-Telegram: Die Seite mit allen meinen Videos + HW: Mein Bitchute: Mein Frei3: Mein Tiktok:
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Die Unflätige Zergliederung