In this interview, Beau Dade chats with German politician Peter Boehringer, a member of the Bundestag and vice chairman of the Alternative for Deutschland Party. Join them as they discuss a wide range of topics, from foreign policy and immigration, to EU membership, energy and the economy. 00:02 Campaigns against AfD and its positions 22:28 War in the Ukraine 34:46 Destruction of NorthStream pipeline 37:23 Energy, CO2-religion, finance, and the EU 49:36 Mass migration reality and (il)legality ► Videointerview von Peter Boehringer durch Beau Dade, „“. Nach Aufzeichnung erfolgte die Erstveröffentlichung am 4.9.2023 hier: Mehr von Peter Boehringer hier: ✅ PBoehringer ► ✅ Facebook ► ✅ Telegram ► ✅ Twitter ► ✅ Odysee ► ✅ rumble ► ✅ GETTR ► ✅ Instagram ► ✅ YouTube ► #migration #energy #AfD
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